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Staff Development Planning

Leader Assimilation

This process focuses on an executive's first 100 days in a new position, or with a new team.  The up-front feedback focuses on expectations and relevant context from the resident team's past experience.

The process aims to accelerate communications and trust, avoid hidden pitfalls, minimize hesitation to make any major changes needed, and maximize a new leader's immediate impact. As with all our coaching processes, it is data-driven and process-controlled with measurement along the way.

Leadership Development

RGB Global is ready to partner with you to:

  • Perform a comprehensive front-end analysis to ensure strategic relevance and identify strategic objectives.
  • Evaluate the organization’s readiness to develop its leadership potential.
  • Identify the unique leadership competencies required by the strategic objectives.
  • Customize a process for identifying candidates with a record of success.
  • Develop and implement an integrated action-oriented career and performance management system.
  • Coach and counsel leaders to aid them in realizing and capitalizing on their full potential while overcoming individual barriers to personal productivity.
  • Build teams that work collaboratively to tackle and resolve blockages
  • Design a process for administering and evaluating the day-to-day activities required to support the succession planning process.

Career Planning

Employees need to understand their career paths so they can see to road to personal growth.  RGB Global will work with you to design the coherence in your organizational model and to design and document the different paths employees can follow to advance their careers.

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11 March 2011

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