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March 5, 1998

SAP Canada to Resell for iXOS

SAP Canada has agreed to resell iXOS' iXOS-Archive for R/3 imaging and archiving products.  SAP America already resells the product.  Using iXOS-Archive for R/3, documents are routed by R/3's business workflow and viewed in its server, and managed by R/3's Document Management Service.  Integration with other viewers, workflow systems and document management systems is eliminated. 

"iXOS has been providing integrated imaging and archiving solutions to SAP customers for over four years," said Robert Beauchemin, president of SAP Canada.  "Their products have provided the breadth of functionality and high-level of quality R/3 customers want and expect."

Chevron, a current customer of SAP Canada, is using the iXOS solution for both data archiving and the archiving of R/3 outgoing documents.  The agreements between iXOS and SAP's North American operations have been quite a success, according to Lori Trippel, president and CEO of iXOS Software.  "Customers recognize the value of both our products and the benefits of one source for support," she said.

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11 March 2011

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