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RVBS's Board of Directors increased by new director with oil & gas industry experience

Mr. Ronald P. Bourgeois joins RVBS's Board of Directors effective as of 28 September 2006

MONTREAL, Sept. 28 /CNW Telbec/ - RVBS, an oil and gas company with an information technology (IT) division, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ronald P. Bourgeois as a new director on the Company's board.  Mr. Bourgeois has more than thirty years experience in executive management,  particularly in the oil and gas industry. He is the co-founder of Petrodyne  Canada Inc. and has occupied senior management functions in numerous companies, including PetroQuest Energy Inc. and Lakewood Capital Group Inc.  Mr. Bourgeois has extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

As previously announced, RVBS has changed its core business to oil and gas and is preparing to separate out its IT division, to create a new distinct entity. RVBS management believes that the plan to separate out the IT division will maximize the value of both firms, by providing them with focused and independent management much better adapted to their respective mission. RVBS, now an oil and gas company, will benefit from Mr. Bourgeois's experience and abilities.

The company plans to further strengthen its board by adding other directors with knowledge and experience in the oil and gas industry. Once the IT division is separated out, certain current board members that specialize in IT will follow the new IT company where they can bring the most value. 

As the company has previously announced, with respect to the IT division, it has retained the consulting services of Mr. Robert Beauchemin, to assist and advise RVBS with its IT division operations and the refinement of its business plan.


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Published at 20:02

11 March 2011

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