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Polyplan v3 Extends the PTC® Product Development System with Advanced Manufacturing Process Management

Polyplan's cMPM™ Delivers Advanced Manufacturing Process Management Tools to Windchill® Users With a Single Integrated System

MONTREAL, Canada, CLEVELAND, Ohio and MUNICH, Germany, June 14, 2004 - Polyplan Technologies, the thought leader in collaborative Manufacturing Process Management™ (cMPM™), today announced a major new integration of Polyplan v3 with the PTC Product Development System, one of the leading Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) environments.

"MPM is becoming a key component of any PLM strategy," declared Alessandro Gasparini, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Business Development of Polyplan Technologies. "With the Polyplan-Windchill® integration, we have achieved the highest level of integration between any MPM-PLM systems in the market. Directly from their familiar Windchill environment, PTC users can benefit from the Polyplan 3D manufacturing process designer workbench to completely streamline the design-to-manufacturing collaboration process."

By embedding the Polyplan server inside the Windchill server, Polyplan has delivered a simpler technical environment. Integration highlights include:

  • Polyplan v3 makes use of Windchill document management and vaulting, workflow, discussion groups, subscriptions, and lifecycle tools;
  • PTC's ProductView™ viewer is also incorporated into Polyplan v3 dual-view technology. This enables PTC users to concurrently assess product manufacturability and provide manufacturing feedback to product engineering, as well as design 3D-centric manufacturing processes and work instructions, all from their familiar PTC viewer technology;
  • Polyplan's MPM client is delivered as an applet in Windchill with a single logon, which means users can access Polyplan's tools directly from Windchill, without the need to load different software.

"Our customers are showing a growing interest in MPM and Polyplan's integrated solution is just what customers are looking for," said Alex Mackenzie, Vice President, Product Strategy and Business Development at PTC.

Polyplan v3 fosters concurrent engineering and real-time collaboration between manufacturing process design and product design, systematically driving the manufacturability of product designs, assessing and controlling the impact of changes down to the shop floor, and reducing production ramp-up time and costs.

SOURCE: Polyplan Technologies, Inc. Copyright© 2004 Polyplan Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.


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11 March 2011

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