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Leading Change

It is difficult to get the results you want from major changes.  In fact, only about one-third of all organizational changes are worth the effort.  Most die, go way over budget and time, or get implemented in a weak watered down version.  Research indicates that resistance to change is a major reason why changes fail.  Successful change demands that people at all levels of the organization be committed to the new way of doing things.  Resistance to change is the opposite of that.

RGB Global will work with your organization to:

  • Establish sense of urgency, so to energize all employees and make clear to consequences of failure;
  • Create guiding coalition of people, at all revel of the organization, capable of executing change within their respective sphere of influence;
  • Establish clear linkages between the change initiatives and the corporate vision and strategies;
  • Establish a communication plan by which the key messages are delivered in the thousands, and are indeed employed to align the daily corporate activities;
  • Empower broad-based action within the revised business philosophy;
  • Establish change packages go to generate short-term wins;
  • Consolidate gains by documenting the transition in new business processes; and
  • Anchor new approaches in the corporate culture.

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Published at 20:01

11 March 2011

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