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Creating Organizational Alignment

Organizational alignment is primarily driven by the clarity in what is expected of employees and by managing performance effectively.  At it basis, the organizational structure should be aligned with the corporation’s core strategies.  Human Resources Management and Performance Management are then needed to visibly enforce organizational alignment.

RGB Global will assist you in ensuring that your Corporate Strategies are readable by looking at the corporate organizational charts and by making sure corporate key performance indicators (KPIs) are also visible in the way human resources are managed.

Human Resources Management

RGB Global will assist you and ensure that employees are clear about what is expected of them

  • Aligned job description definition
  • Job evaluation and salary administration – pay equity
  • Compensation and employee benefits
  • Personnel planning and management systems
  • Employee evaluation system definition
  • Employee attitude surveys

Performance Management

We provide the tools needed to help organizations build robust performance management systems to...

  • Align every employee’s work efforts with the objectives of the organization, focusing their efforts in productive and organizationally relevant directions.
  • Manage these efforts day-to-day.
  • Measure employee performance and provide appropriate rewards.
  • Stimulate individual development to better enable employees and teams to contribute to the organization’s success.
  • Drive communication and accountability at all levels of the organization across all lines of responsibility – the executive staff, management team, and employees.
  • Performance management system alignment, definition and implementation
  • Aligned 360 Feedback

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11 March 2011

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