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CNC Global launches Managed Vendor Services Program, bringing innovative partnership to Advanced Technology Companies

TORONTO, ON — November 14, 2000 — Finally, the answer to one of the high-tech industry’s most serious staffing dilemmas is just a phone call away.  CNC Global, the Canadian leader in technology recruiting, is continuing to make the lives of their clients simpler through the development of a state-of-the-art vendor management program.  In Canada, many firms deal with their recruitment needs in the ultra-hot IT market by outsourcing part, or all, of the hiring process to third party suppliers.  However, outsourcing can have issues of its own when large firms end up with fifty or more agencies on their staffing lists, creating more paperwork and greater expenses for hiring managers.

Introducing CNC Global’s Managed Vendor Services Program — the answer to this complex staffing conundrum.  The elements of the strategy are straightforward: CNC Global acts as the primary conduit to the client while establishing strategic business relationships with other staffing firms.  These firms become partners that assist CNC Global in the fulfillment of staffing requirements.  Throughout the process, CNC Global maintains bottom-line accountability, monitoring quality and ensuring that all client services measure up to CNC Global’s own rigorous standards.

Initially designed a year ago for a top CNC Global account, the program has been fully in place for three months.  CNC Global understood the industry’s quandary: companies have numerous positions to fill, yet they want to reduce the size of their agency lists.  Some firms have reduced their lists from as many as 100 to 14.  The costs of doing business with numerous smaller agencies can be high and can create excess paperwork and time strains.  On the flip side, companies are often concerned that by limiting their lists they will lose market coverage.  To combat the problem, CNC Global developed the Managed Vendor Services Program, free of charge to clients.

“The system is highly beneficial our customers,” said Robert Beauchemin, CEO of CNC Global.  “The program makes it easy for them to maintain the coverage they had when dealing with numerous agencies, while gaining the simplicity of a single relationship with CNC Global — a company recognized for the quality of its services.”

The Managed Vendor Services Program was designed with large systems integrators such as Nortel Networks, Compaq and Hewlett-Packard, and large VARs (value-added resellers), such as Tech  Data, in mind.  These firms are challenged with numerous projects and large staffing needs that are filled primarily with contract workers.  By choosing CNC Global’s Managed Vendor Services Program, larger companies are able to attract and retain a full complement of technology workers through one agency with strategic business alliances.

The program, while new, is gathering momentum as more CNC Global clients sign on to use it.  While programs of this type are commonplace in the U.S. market, the demand in Canada is only starting to grow as the resource-constrained high-tech labour market becomes increasingly competitive.

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11 March 2011

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