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CNC Global Selects Delano CRM Solution to Build Profitable Relationships With Clients and Job Seekers

TORONTO — June 12, 2001 — Delano Technology Corporation (NASDAQ: DTEC; TSE: DLN), a leading provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for the enterprise, today announced that CNC Global Limited, Canada’s largest Information Technology (IT) and E-commerce staffing firm, is deploying Delano’s CRM solution to interact more effectively and proactively with clients and its rapidly growing database of more than 145,000 qualified IT and E-commerce professionals.

A recent survey from Statistics Canada indicated that more than one third of all available information technology jobs across Canada remained vacant for more than four months. The survey showed that even at the high point of the past economic cycle, Canadian industry was only operating at up to 80 percent capacity within the IT sector. At times like these, companies like CNC Global recognize how critical it is to build stronger relationships with clients and prospective job seekers, in their quest to fill more open positions.

“Strong relationships and open, ongoing communications with our customers and candidates are key points of differentiation for CNC Global,” said Robert Beauchemin, President and CEO of CNC Global. “Delano will enable us to expand our capabilities by automating and managing our communications, increasing our contact with current and prospective customers, and enabling us to effectively deliver additional services faster and more frequently.”

The first phase of CNC Global’s customer interaction strategy focuses on the implementation of the Delano Marketing Suite, which enables an enterprise to use disparate data to better understand their customers and launch targeted, relevant and timely marketing campaigns, interactive surveys and personalized newsletters. CNC Global will take advantage of the full spectrum of marketing capabilities available within the suite, using it as a primary vehicle for building profitable, long-term relationships with clients and prospects seeking contract and permanent employment.

“The old adage ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is especially true in the recruiting industry, where relationships are one of the most critical elements in matching the right people with the right opportunities,” said John Foresi, CEO of Delano. “As a company deeply entrenched in the IT world, it is very fitting that CNC Global has created an online environment that not only mirrors IT culture and attracts a broad range of IT professionals, but also embraces customer relationship management as the foundation for driving long term value for both their clients and prospective job seekers.”

The second phase of CNC Global’s deployment of Delano’s CRM solution focuses on the Delano Service Suite, which is a customer service application that provides fast, relevant, and automated response management and routing of inbound communications via e-mail and the Web. The Delano Service Suite will enable CNC Global to effectively manage high volumes of online service and employment inquiries from visitors to their Web site, and the estimated 2,500 candidates registering at http://www.cncglobal.com/ each month.


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11 March 2011

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