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CNC Global Launches Employee Stock Option Plan

New Incentive Plan Will Help Fuel Growth, Position Company as a Thought Leader in Human Capital Management

TORONTO, ON — June 07, 2001 — CNC Global Limited, Canada’s largest technology staffing firm, today announced the implementation of the CNC Global Employee Stock Option Incentive Plan, which will facilitate the achievement of a number of key corporate objectives. Under the plan, CNC Global employees receive a stock option grant, both as a reward for past contributions and as an incentive to significantly impact the future growth and success of the company.  The program also represents an important step in CNC Global’s move towards thought leadership in the area of human capital management.

Subject to the details of the plan, each grant will allow employees to purchase a specified number of shares.  The Employee Stock Option Incentive Plan accounts for roughly 12% of total outstanding CNC Global shares.

“As leaders in our industry, we are acutely aware that growing, successful companies are those that approach their human capital as a considered investment,” said Robert Beauchemin, President and CEO of CNC Global.  “Through the CNC Global Stock Option Incentive Plan we believe that our employees will share a keener awareness and an ownership stake in our company’s goals and achievements. We will also be able to demonstrate to our clients, by example, the potential impact of incentive programs as part of an overall human capital management strategy.”

The implementation of the CNC Global Employee Stock Option Incentive Plan represents the fulfillment of the company’s commitment in February 2001, the beginning of its fiscal year, to making all employees shareholders in the company.  The plan and its execution are important aspects of CNC Global’s long-term vision of securing the highest quality people and illustrating to clients the importance of rewarding those whose hard work and dedication are critical to the continued growth of the company.

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11 March 2011

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