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Clearly Canadian Re-Engineers Office Systems

VANCOUVER, B.C., November 9, 1998 -- Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation (TSE: CLV; NASDAQ:CLCDF) today announced that it will implement SAP’s R/3 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. After an intensive selection and implementation process, Clearly Canadian expects to go live with the new SAP software by mid-November 1998.

SAP's R/3 will replace Clearly Canadian's old ERP system and represent a solid step towards ensuring that the company is Y2K compliant, while allowing it to integrate business processes at its various facilities, including its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cascade Clear Water Co.

"The challenge in choosing an enterprise-wide software solution was to find one that would enable Clearly Canadian to make positive changes to our business processes, achieve a competitive advantage and make it easier to do business with our numerous customers across North America and Europe.," said Jaime Desequera, Director, Financial Information Services and Corporate Planning. He added: "After looking at various packages, Clearly Canadian decided on the solid and flexible information technology infrastructure of SAP’s R/3 system, which we’re confident will keep pace with our own growth as a company."

"We are delighted that Clearly Canadian has chosen SAP and will work with FinTech, the local SAP Certified Business Solutions provider, to implement the AcceleratedSAP program and realize the benefits of R/3," said Robert Beauchemin, President, SAP Canada. "Nearly a third of our customers worldwide are small and medium-sized enterprises like Clearly Canadian looking to gain a competitive advantage. SAP R/3 will allow Clearly Canadian to adopt best practices and focus on growth and net profits."


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11 March 2011

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