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Beauchemin Takes over CNC

September 15, 2000 - Computing Canada

Robert Beauchemin, a former Vice-President at ERP vendor J.D. Edwards, has been named president of CNC Global Ltd.  Attracted to the company's reputation in the Information Technology industry, Mr. Beauchemin is looking forward to cementing CNC Global's reputation as a North American leader in the provision of online and offline staffing solutions.

Mr. Beauchemin anticipates that many of CNC Global's future customers are about to enter a period of rapid growth and will rely on the organization to provide tools that will help define specific needs for various positions.  CNC Global has completed the development of a Web-based candidate screening methodology, adding to the funnel of 2,000 candidate interviews the company conducts every month.  Rather than creating a very competitive atmosphere, the presence of other job boards such as Workopolis and JobShark has only increased the number of potential candidates in the marketplace.

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11 March 2011

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