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RGB Global provides advisory services to Boards of Directors and Offices of Chief Executive Officers. 

Two Things are certain!

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting! and Change is the only constant!

Many studies and surveys confirm that the top issues that keep Board of Directors and CEO’S awake at night have not changed a whole lot in the past decades:

  • Global & Globalization Pressures
  • [Over] Achieving Revenue Growth Objectives while Reducing or Containing Costs
  • Implementing your Strategic Plan [Having one]
  • Engaging Employees in Company Vision/Mission and Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
  • Groups Pulling in Different Directions, Underperforming, Unfocused or Stagnating
  • Increasing Nimbleness, Flexibility and Speed
  • Customer Loyalty, Penetration and Retention
  • Staying Ahead of, or outperforming Competition, or your Market
  • Integrating, Managing and Maximizing Value of Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Capitalizing on the Rapid Change in Technology
  • Performance Not being Recognized by shareholders, the market and stakeholders

To successfully tackle these issues, leadership teams have to work as hard ON the businesses as they do IN the businesses.  Changing HOW your organization operates requires that you work ON the business.

RGB Global will take your executive team back to 30,000 feet where you will “see the forest for the trees”, we will help you build a cohesive executive team, enable your organization to develop an executable strategic plan, and help you create the organization and operational alignment needed to execute effectively.  That is working ON the business.

RGB Global has developed a unique and proprietary Executive4sightsTM Leadership Framework which focuses the leadership team of the four key axes of successful leadership: 

Based on an honest diagnostic of the business [from governance to customer satisfaction to employee satisfaction], Executive4sights™ allows the Board of Directors and the office of the CEO to establish  core strategies that will maximize stakeholders value, and implement an enduring growth and disciplined execution culture.

Executive4sights™ Leadership Framework provides a roadmap to align all aspects of the business, from vision creation to execution, to selling excellence, ensuring stakeholders receive maximum value through a cohesive management philosophy.

Implementing a cohesive management philosophy is not a one time exercise, but rather an iterative process your executive team will master, and make part of a new vision focused, change centric, disciplined execution corporate culture.


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11 March 2011

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